Rules & Regulations

Registration conditions

Candidates should be between the ages 18 & 36;
Candidates must present legitimate scores or official sheet music.
If you have purchased your scores over the internet you must bring the receipt of payment as proof ( photo-copies will not be accepted for the competition).
Incomplete registration forms will not be accepted.
Candidates having previously won first prize in this competition may not
participate , but they may be invited to participate in the festival if they so wish.

Rules & Regulations
Candidates must satisfy all conditions and present an ensemble of 7
pieces from ALL of the following categories

• “Opera” category (4 Arias at least 1 in French and 1 in Italian)
• “Melody” category (1 French Mélodie) ;
• “Lied” category (1 German Lied) ;
• “Free Choice” (1 free selection of any musical style)

The competition is in 3 phases :

Phase I: Application based selection :
Pre-selection will be based on both the application form and a recording; MP3, MP4, Internet links (youtube ect ), CD or DVD
until 13th of September ( the post office stamp or the arrival of your email being proof of respect of the dead line )

Information and required documents
1 completed registration form (pdf)
1 identity card with date of birth (scan)
1 photograph (scan)
1 short artistic CV (biography)
1 recording (any format ) containing at least two pieces chosen for competition
• Incomplete applications will not be accepted .
• the 13th of September at the latest ( the post office stamp being proof of respect of the deadline)
• registration fee of 70 euros by bank cheque, postal cheque or postal mandate (travellers checks or international money order is recommended for foreigners) ;
1 list of your musical selections marking your name and voice type (for pianist) .
All eventual changes in repertoire must be made known and accorded by the Artistic Director before the 30th of September.

Phase II: Semi- finals
Tuesday 20th of October 2020:
The semi-finals take place Tuesday the 20th at the Château of Vounant in Vivonne as part of the festival. Candidates must bring official sheet music or authorized scores for the pianists . Reception of the candidates: All semi-finalists should present themselves Tuesday morning between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. in order to confirm their audition time ( those who arrive early will be able to choose their times , thoe who arrive late will have the times that rests ) . All candidates must be present .
Candidates will be allowed to present the first choice at the audition .
Pieces should not exceed 5 minutes, candidates should choose apiece of this length, or adapt a longer piece, editing it such that the essential difficulties are retained. After the first piece has been performed or the limit of 5 minutes has passed the jury is then free to choose other selections or parts of the chosen repertoire until the audition time is over .
Duration of each audition : 10 minutes .
This elimination round should allow the jury to assess both the quality and range of voice, as well as the candidates interpretation .
Candidates will be judged based on their vocal and musical capability, their
presentation and their interpretation .
Accompanying Pianists
Accompanying pianists are provided by the organizers (free of charge for candidates). Candidates may be accompanied by their own pianist (at their own charge) during the semi-finals only, all candidates without exception will be accompanied in the finals concert by the pianist chosen by the association Vienne en Voix.
The list of finalists will be announced Tuesday evening , after the audition of all semi-finalists and deliberation of the jury . All candidates are invited to a reception with the press . The presence of all candidates is mandatory

Phase III: The finals
Master-classes /Coaching
Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22d
Individual coachings and Master classes will be organized for the candidates. All finalists are required to be present at the master-classes .
Friday 23d at 8 p.m. in the Church St. Georges of Vivonne
Candidates must choose 2 pieces to perform from their repertoire list , with the consent of the Artistic Director, accompanying pianist and jury. (No two selections from the same category are permitted and must be in different languages. One selection in French must be offered.)
All finalists are required to be present at the beginning of the finals concert.
Candidates will be judged based on their vocal and musical capability, their
presentation and their interpretation. The awards ceremony will take place in the evening after deliberation of the jury. All finalists will receive a money prize, and for the following three years must include in their CV/biography the prize awarded in the competition .

Total prizes given 5,000 € :
The jury may award one or more prizes to a candidate in recognition of a particular talent. The balance of the prize money will be divided between the laureates. All finalists will receive a certificate .


Accommodation ;
Semi finalists should find and pay for their own accommodation. A list of possible accommodation will be sent. Finalists will have the possibility of being housed in « Home Stay » if so desired. If not the finalists are free to pay for their own accomodations.

Dress Code :
Informal dress is accepted for the semi-finals and masters-classes.
Evening dress is the minimum accepted for the finals concert of Friday.

Finding Vivonne:
VIVONNE, City in the department of « La VIENNE » (86)
near FUTUROSCOPE located 20 km south of POITIERS
Train SNCF, Poitiers – Bordeaux Change trains at Poitiers, connection to Vivonne by train or bus
Car /Bus, Bordeaux
Exit Poitiers Sud
National highway N 10, direction Angoulême – Bordeaux